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pant 2 in silk noil (bleige)


This is my own take on a wide leg pant, which I’ve been calling a “modern culotte” ever since I pattern drafted this style in the summer of 2017. I’ve been testing it in various fabrics and fits ever since and I’ve landed on the combination that I want: a loose fitting silhouette, lots of space in the hips, a straight leg throughout and made up in an incredibly drape-y fabric. Oh, and let’s not forget pockets. This pant is the perfect counterpoint to pant 1.

This pant is part of a “mini formal capsule.” I created it to be mixed and matched with tank 1 and t-shirt 2 in the same fabric/color with more formal events in mind. These pieces can also be easily dressed down for a more everyday look (try these pants with t-shirt 2 in organic linen cotton in tea stripe.) The color of the silk lands somewhere between blush and beige (thus “bleige).

A few notes of comparison between pant 1 and pant 2. Sizing is the same across the pants, meaning if you are an os 6 in pant 1, I recommend an os 6 in pant 2. With that being said, this pant has quite a bit more space in the hips than pant 1. That is the intended fit, especially when paired with the beautiful drape of this hemp organic cotton. I also suggest wearing this pant with the shorter inseam, as that gives it more of a culotte look.

Also available in hemp organic denim in deepest blue.

As you might already know, I feature "open sizing" with my brand. This is my way of challenging sizing norms and encouraging customers to choose a size that makes them feel good without judgement. These pants currently come in 16 sizes. There are two options for inseam lengths (23" or 25") and the rise measurement on all sizes is 15". Keep in mind that because of the elastic waist band of these pants, there's some wiggle room between sizes. I wouldn’t suggest sizing up in this pant, but there is room to size down if you wish. I wouldn’t size down more than a single size since you want plenty of space in the hips for the inseam pockets to lay nicely. The size guide below is a suggestion based on waist and hip measurement. As always, feel free to e-mail me with sizing questions. I'd be happy to help.

Dena is 5’5” with a 33” bust, 27 1/2” waist and 32” hip. She wears os 3 with the 23” inseam.

os 0

waist: 24 1/2"
hip: 35"

os 1

waist: 25 1/2"
hip: 36"

os 2

waist: 26 1/2"
hip: 37"

os 3

waist: 27 1/2"
hip: 38

os 4

waist: 28 1/2"
hip: 39"

os 5

waist: 29 1/2"
hip: 40"

os 6

waist: 30 1/2"
hip: 41"

os 7

waist: 31 1/2"
hip: 42

os 8

waist: 32 1/2"
hip: 43

os 9

waist: 33 1/2"
hip: 44

os 10

waist: 35"
hip: 45 1/2"

os 11

waist: 36 1/2"
hip: 47"

os 12

waist: 38”
hip: 48 1/2”

os 13

waist: 39 1/2”
hip: 50”

os 14

waist: 41”
hip: 51 1/2”

os 15

waist: 42 1/2”
hip: 53”

*Please note: there could be slight variations in these measurements. I do not consider these flaws, but beautiful imperfections inherent in human hands making clothes.

Fabric content: 100% silk
Care instructions: Wash separately in cold water on delicate cycle. Dry on low heat. Remove promptly. Press...or don't.
*The country of origin for this fabric is China.

Made to order with patience and care. Please allow 3-4 weeks for this item to ship.

Inseam Length:
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