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smock 1 in hemp organic denim (deepest blue)


While I’m not really one to wear much color (have you noticed?), if I had to choose a color to wear, it would be the color blue. Many of my favorite artists wrote songs or entire albums about the color: Joni Mitchel, Miles Davis and Regina Spektor to name a few. Regina Spektor calls blue “the most human color.” It’s a powerful color that has had deep significance to me at various times in my life.

I chose this specific shade of denim because the color stopped me in my tracks. It’s the type of indigo that I’ve been searching for. I’m calling it “deepest blue.” Even though this fabric is considered a denim, there’s an incredible lightness and drape. Two patch pockets live on the front of this top, grounding the design quite nicely. I’ll be wearing mine all fall with pant 1 in hemp organic cotton canvas in tea and my vintage Doc Martens.

Smock 1 took me some time to perfect. When I first came up with this piece, I imagined a sculptural top with a simple, straight hem. The longer length provides some nice variety amongst the shorter tops that I currently offer. It pays homage to artists everywhere who throw larger shirts over their clothes while they work. My hope is that this top will serve you while you’re working and while you’re not (especially while you’re not).

I've designed my "open size" (os) garments to accommodate a range of sizes. Os 2 has 6" more "ease" in the bust and hips than os 1. Both sizes are the same length.

Dena is 5’5” with a 33” bust, 27 1/2” waist and 32” hip. She wears os 1.

os 1

Bust measurement: 26 1/2”
Length: 32”

os 2

Bust measurement: 29 1/2”
Length: 32”

*Please note: there could be slight variations in these measurements. I do not consider these flaws, but beautiful imperfections inherent in human hands making clothes.

Fabric content: 55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton
Care instructions: Wash separately in cold water on delicate cycle. Dry on low heat. Remove promptly. Press...or don't.
*this fabric is is a more sustainable option than others. Organic cotton means no pesticides and hemp is a durable plant that grows abundantly. The country of origin for this fabric is China.

Made to order with patience and care. Please allow 3-4 weeks for this item to ship.

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Photo Oct 23, 4 50 26 AM.jpg
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