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tool belt 1 in hemp organic cotton canvas (cinder)


This is my answer to the modern day need of a fashionable tool belt. It can be worn in three ways (or more!) One side has compartments for a notebook, pens, scissors, ear buds and whatever else you need to carry on your hip when you're working. The other side has pockets for an iPhone 7, small wallet and a lip balm. Perfect for a day in the studio or while riding your bike on a fall day. Flip both pocketed sides to the inside to conceal and create a bit more security. Bonus points for personalizing your tool belt with pins, patches and embroidery. A true wardrobe work horse.

Available in hemp organic cotton canvas in the color "cinder" and in conventional canvas in the color "tea."

Tool belt 1 has two options for the tie: os 1 has a 64 1/2" long tie and os 2 has a 72 1/2" tie. The bag measures 11 1/2" wide by 8 1/2" long. One way to determine size is to tie a tape measurer around your waist (or wherever you'd like to wear the belt) to see what length is best. Amber wears os 1.

*Please note that because of the handmade nature of my clothes there could be slight variations in these measurements. I consider this my own little act of "wabi sabi" which is the Japanese concept of the beauty in imperfection.

Fabric content: hemp organic cotton canvas
Care instructions: Wash separately in cold water on delicate cycle. Dry on low heat. Remove promptly. Press...or don't.
*this fabric is sustainable and is is sourced from a Canadian textile company.

Hand made to order with patience and care. Please allow 3-4 weeks for this item to ship.

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