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tool belt 1 in hemp organic cotton canvas (mushroom)


This is my answer to the modern woman’s need for a tool belt. As it turns out, women have tools and items they need to carry throughout their days. This is also why my pant offerings have pockets. Do you see many men’s pants without pockets? Creating items that help women carry what they need is one way that I try to fight the patriarchy. Women have hands that need pockets. Women use tools. Women need ways to carry their tools. Tool belt 1 has you covered.

Tool belt 1 can be worn in three ways (or more!) One side has compartments for a notebook, pens, embroidery scissors, ear buds and whatever else you need to carry on your hip when you're working. The other side has a single pocket divider which creates two larger pockets. This side can fit up to an iPhone plus, a medium wallet and a lip balm. Flip both pocketed sides to the inside to conceal and create a bit more security while riding your bike. Tie the bag around your waist, hips or across your chest. Bonus points for personalizing your tool belt with pins, patches and embroidery. A true wardrobe work horse.

This is a low waste product. As of right now, we are able to produce these bags entirely out of fabric scraps.

Also available in tea and cinder hemp organic cotton canvas.

Tool belt 1 has two options for the tie: os 1 has a 64 1/2" long tie and os 2 has a 72 1/2" tie. The bag measures 11 1/2" wide by 8 1/2" long. One way to determine size is to tie a tape measurer around your waist (or wherever you'd like to wear the belt) to see what length is best. Toluwa is 5’2” with a bust measurement of of 38”, a waist measurement of 28” and a hip measurement of 39”. She wears os 1.

Toluwa 5’2’ with a waist measurement of 28” and a hip measurement of 38”. She wears tool belt 1 in os 1.

*Please note: there could be slight variations in these measurements. I do not consider these flaws, but beautiful imperfections inherent in human hands making clothes.

Fabric content: hemp organic cotton canvas
Care instructions: Wash separately in cold water on delicate cycle. Dry on low heat. Remove promptly. Press...or don't.

This fabric is is a more sustainable option than others. Organic cotton means no pesticides were used while growing the cotton and hemp is a durable plant that grows abundantly. The country of origin for this fabric is China.

Made to order with patience and care. Please allow 3-4 weeks for this item to ship.

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