a note on customizations (i.e. I don’t offer them)

There are many reasons why I can’t customize my clothing offerings. For one, it started to get very confusing trying to keep track of which garments have been customized for which customer. I also can’t accept customized garments for exchange, so there’s a lot of risk for the customer. But, mostly, not offering customizations comes down to spiritual reasons for me. For a while, if someone asked for one of my clothing items in a different fabric, or for a garment to be shortened, or for an elastic band to be lengthened, I could do it. I could do it and be glad that I had made a sale. But a problem started to arise. The clothes weren't mine anymore. I’ve put a lot of thought into the proportions of a garment. I put a lot of thought into which fabric will be chosen for which style. And, on top of that, I try to be inclusive to a variety of bodies. I’ve been hit with the reality that I simply can’t. do. it. all. I can't make clothes that fit with every person’s body and wishes. And if I try, it seems like I always lose. As soon as something gets changed, it doesn’t feel like I can put my name on it anymore. So, with all of that begin said, my policy is that you can order my clothing exactly as you see it on my website. It will be made by loving hands with your life in mind. And if you receive it and love it, but want to tweak it a little bit, I encourage you to take it to a local tailor. They will make your wildest dreams come true! Shortened elastics! Lengthened elastics! Shorter hem lengths! Wider, skinnier, pockets made out of extra fabric! Look at you, you clothing designer, you…go on with your bad self.

shipping and return policy

Everything I offer is handmade to order. That means that I've made a sample, which is what you see photographed on my website. When you choose to order a garment for me, it's made specifically for you. With that being said, I take on the cost of creating the garment when you purchase something. Returns are very difficult for me as a small business owner. I would never want you to be unhappy with your purchase, so I'd be happy to accept the item back in exchange for a store credit. Please contact me within seven (7) days of receiving your item to initiate an exchange. After the seven (7) day exchange window ends, all sales are final. Thank you for your understanding!

Domestic Eli & Barry packages are shipped through USPS priority mail. Please allow two (2) to five (5) days for your order to arrive once it has shipped. 

International Eli & Barry packages are shipped through USPS First Class Mail. These packages can take up to a few weeks to arrive at your doorstep and tracking often ends once the package leaves the United States. Customs is a tricky beast and sometimes packages remain stagnant for up to a week, but I promise your package is making it’s way to you!

lost or stolen packages

I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages, although I won’t leave you without an option for replacing your missing garment. I will file an insurance claim through USPS and, if the claim is approved, I can provide $50 back to the customer. I will also offer a substantial discount on a replacement garment. Thank you for your understanding. With that being said, there are a few steps you can take to assure that your garments arrive safely on your door step. Please take special care of tracking your package once you have been notified that is has shipped. Please do not leave your packages outside for extended periods of time. If you will be out of town when your package is set to arrive, you can either place a vacation hold through the post office or ask a friendly neighbor to grab any packages from your porch/mailbox. This will help assure that no packages are stolen.