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karen templer's summer of basics challenge

As many of you know, I’ve been dealing with an overuse injury in my dominant wrist. What started as pain and a lump at the base of right pointer figure ended up being a 6 month journey towards healing. Fast forward to today, my wrist is far improved. I was able to add back in knitting and sewing to my routine about two months ago while adding 1%-10% time each day as long as my arm felt okay. I’ve finally reached a good balance that seems to be helping the wrist heal. It includes: tracking and limiting the activity my hand gets, yoga 4 days a week instead of 5 or 6 days a week with modifications to care for the wrist, work with my chiropractor, acupuncture, Epsolm salt baths, self-massaging techniques and a whole mental component that I’ve talked about on Instagram. With all of this being said, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to participate in Karen Templer of Fringe Supply Company’s Summer of Basics challenge. But I did it! I made three basics for my wardrobe! I mean…technically the deadline was August 31st (I think), but I finished the following three garments before the Fall Equinox, so I’m counting it! The only rules of the challenge were to make a small capsule wardrobe of 3 items that you think will get a lot of use. So here’s what I made…

Photo Sep 26, 1 34 18 PM.jpg

When it came time to deciding what to make, I already had a section of my wardrobe on my mind that was seriously lacking. That would be my loungewear wardrobe. As someone who loves lounging as much as I do, my wardrobe options for my favorite activity were very shameful. Think sweats purchased on vacation (complete with tiny holes forming in the seat), old t-shirts from thrift stores or events, and maybe 1 or 2 handmade items. What I really wanted was a loungewear capsule that reflected my personal aesthetic and that was verrrry comfortable. Like, comfortable enough to nap it. It also would be a bonus to be able to walk the dog, answer the door, run to the store in any of the items without feeling like a crazy lady. I mean, I’m definitely a crazy lady, I just don’t want that to be revealed in the way I dress. :)

Eli & Barry pullover
Photo Sep 26, 1 53 08 PM.jpg

I purchased some gauze on a recent trip to Taos which I doubled up and made this oversized top and pants. The pants are pant 1 with a looser waistband. The top features a raw edge pocket and neckline. I also made a highly altered Orton Bag from Merchant & Mills (not loungewear) using some linen that I had avocado dyed. I made a custom pocket on the inside of the bag that fits all of my everyday essentials. I’ve already done quite a bit of lounging in the pants and top. I can’t promise that the top won’t make it out into the world…I can see it pairing very well with my Jesse Kamm sailor pants.

Photo Sep 26, 1 34 26 PM.jpg

The fact that I had to mind my wrist and go slow with these items felt limiting at times, but, essentially, I really enjoyed stretching out these makes over the course of a few weeks. Going slow and enjoying the process is one of the biggest lessons from this injury. It’s sort of brought my joy back of making.

Photo Sep 26, 1 32 21 PM.jpg

That’s all for now, folks!