january 2019 clothing launch

Hello friends and Happy New Year! I can’t tell you how much December refreshed me. I opted out of all pop-ups and events (thanks to you, dear customer, for making 2018 such a successful year) and we intentionally slowed down the online shop orders. I’ve never actively taken that much time off in my five years of business and I will do it again, for sure. I haven’t circled back with my team (because, you know, that whole “vacation from work” thing), but I’m hoping they are refreshed and ready to start cooking again.

And what a joy working on this next clothing launch has been. After my last launch, I knew I needed to change things up. Even though I had already switched to a more intentional process of releasing pieces when they’re ready (as opposed to pushing to create a whole collection as such a small team), there were still some kinks to work out. It mostly had to do with not allowing myself enough time once the garment was ready to get things organized for the launch of the piece. So there was still an unnecessary amount of stress stemming from my lack of planning and self inflicted deadlines. This time, I’ve allowed myself much more time which has paid off in terms of my wellbeing and the wellbeing of my team.

So, with that being said, what’s the deal behind this launch?

One night a few months ago; I had burst of creativity (it happens from time to time). I sketched out what I’m now calling a “t-shirt re-vamp.” This sprang out of a wish to simplify and clarify my t-shirt offerings. I felt like I wanted to have the styles be different enough from each other so that it would be clear why you’d pick one instead of the other (i.e. “I like drapey fabrics so I’ll go with t-shirt 2” or “I like sculptural tops, so t-shirt 4 is for me.”) I also have learned that I prefer canvas tops to be a bit longer, while shorter tops are great in fabrics with a lot of drape. Overall, I knew I wanted to increase the length on most of the shirts because if you want any of these pieces shorter, that’s an easy fix with your tailor (more on that here).

So what’s on tap for the next launch? Like I said above, I have a t-shirt re-vamp (outlined below) along with a few new styles. Here’s what to expect (with some sneak peeks thrown in the mix).

What will be new?

  1. Pulllover 3 in hemp organic denim in “deepest blue”

  2. Pullover 3 in hemp organic cotton canvas in “cinder”

  3. T-shirt 4 in hemp organic cotton canvas in “stripe”

  4. T-shirt 4 in hemp organic cotton canvas in “tea”

  5. T-shirt 4 in hemp organic cotton canvas in “cinder”

  6. T-shirt 4 in organic linen cotton in “tea”

  7. T-shirt 2 v. 2 in silk noil in “bleige”

  8. T-shirt 2 v. 2 in hemp organic denim in “deepest blue” (more on what t-shirt 2 v. 2 means below)

Some thoughts behind the design process:

Pullover 3 - I felt very strongly that we needed to be able to offer a longer pullover length. What I also felt strongly about was this pullover needed to ooze simplicity (ew?) I knew I wanted no shoulder seems (the pattern is just two pieces: one for the front and one for the back). The simplicity of the top is finished with faux flat fell seams which create a workwear vibe and added durability. I’m over the moon with how this style turned out and I know this top in any of the fabrics/color ways will carry us through the colder months quite nicely (you can already purchase this top in hemp organic canvas cotton canvas stripe and tea hemp organic cotton canvas.) And, I mean, can we talk about the denim pullover? Come on. So much more denim to come.

pullover 3 in hemp organic denim in “deepest blue”

pullover 3 in hemp organic denim in “deepest blue”

t-shirt 4 in hemp organic cotton canvas in “stripe”

t-shirt 4 in hemp organic cotton canvas in “stripe”

T-shirt 4 - it’s like t-shirt 1 and t-shirt 3 had a baby. We have the longer hem length of t-shirt 1 and the longer sleeves of t-shirt 3 with a nice 1” hem to ground the whole thing in. I adore this style in the more structured fabrics like canvas. It creates a sculptural look while also feeling totally wearable (this top is 20.5” long so it should work on those who have a longer torso, too). The canvas t-shirt lives on!

t-shirt 2 v. 2 in hemp organic cotton in “tea stripe”

t-shirt 2 v. 2 in hemp organic cotton in “tea stripe”

Here’s what’s getting re-vamped:

  1. T-shirt 2 v. 2 in hemp organic cotton in “tea stripe”

Some thoughts behind the re-vamping:

There really isn’t much to change with this top because I truly feel like it’s the perfect length for more of a cropped look (this top is 19.5” in length). I did want to add an extra element of a slightly longer back (just 1/2”) and I think it just adds to the swingy-ness of the whole thing. The fabrics with the most drape will be assigned to t-shirt 2 going forward (silk, hemp organic cotton and denim).

So what’s retiring and why? Let me get into the why, first, since the reason is same for both styles: the cropped length was limiting for some and, for those who love it, the length of t-shirt 2 or t-shirt 4 can easily be cropped by your local tailor.

  1. Pullover 2 in all fabrics/colors

  2. T-shirt 3 in all fabrics/colors

I’m so sorry if this is a bummer to you! But you do still have a chance to orders these tops starting now until January 11th. These sales will be final sale since the style will be discontinued and I won’t be able to re-sell the tops if they were to come back to us.

So when is this all going down? 1/15/19. Get ready, because I have a fun surprise for you all on top of everything else. Sheesh!