shop happenings fall 2018


Hello all! It’s been a bit since I checked in with you on the blog and I wanted to take this space to write a little more extensively on the season I’m in. Quite literally, this transition in seasons from summer to fall is always one that shocks my system. I think everyone around me is feeling it, too: the difficulty in accepting the shorter days, longer nights, cold temperatures and the end of summer. So take care, friends. Go a little slower. Let yourself sit in the muck of mourning the sun and know that summer will be here again. Even more than the change in weather, there’s been a lot on my mind and I wanted to start the discussion about those things here.

The first is that you might have noticed a slight price increase this week. Boy, the reality of this strange political climate we’re in brings up so many questions, emotions, and goals for me. The price increase stems from new tariffs that Trump has placed on fabric manufactured in China. I’m told by my distributors that we could see as much as another 25% increase in tariffs on 1/1/2019. This new challenge has brought into stark relief the reality of globalization. For my purposes, I’m hit with the fact that most fabric is made in China. And, as much as I would love to be able to source my fabric from my own fibershed, fabric production in the US isn’t quite there yet. I’m hearing rumblings from my peers that Colorado is on the brink of producing hemp fabric, but we’re not there yet. And as much as I hate increasing prices, I’m glad it’s only adding $2-$3 to your bill. There’s not much more to say other than, “onward and upwards, friends!" Also, as a side note, many of your other favorite brands are likely dealing with this very same reality. Many of us have very small profit margins and a change like this can be devastating. If you feel inclined, send some extra love towards your favorite small brands. Whether that be a note, a comment, a like, a purchase…it will mean the world. Promise.

There’s been another pressing matter on my mind in recent months. I’ve been going back and forth on this for a while since, in my heart of hearts, I want to be able to make magic clothes that fit every person’s mind and body. The truth of the matter is, I’ve been trying really hard and it can’t be done. I’m talking about customizations to my clothing. For a while, if someone asked for one of my styles in a different fabric, or for a garment to be shortened, or for an elastic band to be lengthened, I could do it. I could do it and be glad that I had made a sale. But a problem started to arise. The clothes weren't mine anymore. I’ve put a lot of thought into the proportions of a garment. I put a lot of thought into which fabric will be chosen for which style. And, on top of that, I try to be inclusive to a variety of bodies. I’ve been hit with the reality that I simply can’t. do. it. all. But, wait, there’s a solution! Hear me out: you can order my clothing exactly as you see it on my website. It will be made by loving hands with your life in mind. And, if you receive it and love it, but want to tweak it a little bit, I encourage you to take it to a local tailor. They will make your wildest dreams come true! Shortened elastics! Lengthened elastics! Shorter hem lengths! Wider, skinnier, pockets made out of extra fabric! Look at you, you clothing designer, you…go on with your bad self.

Until next time.

- Lily